My love affair with Engel

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My love affair with Engel

Post by BobsCreek » Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:37 pm

I admit that I use Africa as an excuse for many of my ideas and changes over the last few years. However, prior to my trip I was just a happy go lucky guy that hadn't ever thought of a RTT (roof top tent), Traction Boards or stashing an actual 12v refrigerator into the back of my truck.

It has now been about a year since I installed my Engel MT45 Fridge/Freezer into the back of my 2015 Chevy Colorado so here is my opinion.


Sometimes I just use the fridge as a fridge, it does a great job of keeping whatever I want chilled, chilled. Other times I feel an urge to store ice cream, and of course the Engel keeps everything frozen. For longer term camping/travel I've opted to just go with the freezer option. I keep meats frozen and have room to keep some Nordic Ice gel packs rotating from the freezer to a cooler where I keep my cheese and other non frozen goodies. I really like doing it this way, it keeps the cooler from having water running around from ice melting and I can keep the food cool since I have a steady supply of frozen gel packs to toss back and forth.

I have run the Engel just off the main vehicle battery a few times when I haven't been in my truck and it sips power gently enough that I never had any issues, however, when it is installed I do have it connected to my 2nd battery which is also in the bed of the truck.

There are multiple brands of 12v fridge/freezers out there and I cant honestly say that Engel is the "best". However, any brand that has the world wide reputation, has been beaten back and forth through the Australian Outback and hauled throughout Africa by as many people and has garnered such quality reviews over the years must be doing something right.


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