Westin Brushbar w/ Winch Mount

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Westin Brushbar w/ Winch Mount

Post by JoshmkII » Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:08 pm

Westin Sportsman brushbar w/ winch tray installed.

My main "wants" were for a brush bar and winch mount, this does the trick

Only one tow hook, I ordered 2 on Amazon's Prime Day but one went on back order, maybe I will get it someday.

I would easily admit that I would prefer the ARB :-)

I would also love an Alu-Cab set up, but I went Sofftopper and Bedrack for 1/3 of the cost. I would be thrilled with new 18" wheels, but my stock 17s" work well enough.

There is a line between "want/need" and "want/that would be cool to have".

Buying an ARB bumper for $1000+ more doesn't do much in regards to helping my budget. It would only result in pushing back buying new tires by a month, which would push back buying my CARNET, which would push back the shipping date....and well, you get the picture. Lol


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