Girzzly Bear Delisting

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Girzzly Bear Delisting

Post by JoshmkII » Tue May 01, 2018 1:50 am

(message sent to Roger Hayden w/ Wyoming Wildlife Advocates after comments were requested from me in regards to the Wyoming Grizzly hunt plan)

Hi Roger,

I want to thank you for this opportunity and the effort you and so many others have been putting forth on the Grizzly issue.

The whole concept of "hunting" a Grizzly for a trophy is abhorrent, and there can be no doubt that the fees represent trophy killing, not subsistence hunting.

Our wildlife and lands, in general, need far greater protections if we hope to maintain the current level of biodiversity. Isolated populations of Grizzlies or of most any wildlife are not suitable for long term success of a species. We need to encourage expansions of range and provide wildlife corridors so that our animals are allowed to flourish and to create a healthy presence upon the landscape of this great nation.

Reducing protections of such an iconic animal with its currently limited range isn't scientifically valid; in fact, many biologists believe that the protections on Grizzly Bears need to be increased due to such ongoing threats from habitat loss and climate change impacting food sources and range.

Our wildlife belongs to us all, and it's our responsibility to work for a future where our lands and wildlife flourish.

Joshua Able


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